2023 Arts Calendar

Placement of many routine events in the Javanese arts calendar depends on the five Javanese pasaran (traditional market) days: Kliwon, Legi, Paing, Pon, Wagé. These five days map with the 7-day Western week to create events that repeat every 35 days. For example, something may occur every “Sunday-Legi” combination or every “Thursday-Kliwon” combination. To make things more complicated, such events fall on the EVE of the special, 35-day confluence. So when someone says they are going to a “Jumat-Wage” event, this generally falls on the eve of Jumat-Wage, in other words on Thursday-Pon evening. You can find the actual date such events fall as well as many other types of routine events, in this calendar. Please be aware that all events are subject to change. I adjust the calendar as best I can, but am not always aware of changes myself:

ARTS CALENDAR 2023: Solo and YogyaA google-calendar designed by Sanggar Ekalaya, reflecting wayang and gamelan routine events in Solo and Yogya. This is not a calendar of one-off events, but rather of the events that happen each month on certain days.

Some of these events are not held during RAMADHAN (2 April-2 May 2022).

For one-off events or events that do not have a regular day of the month, refer to the space below.

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