Every teacher or staff member you will come into contact with at Ekalaya has been vaccinated for covid–19:
Kitsie Emerson and Wakidi Dwidjomartono
1. Sinovac April 2020 in Jakarta
2. Sinovac May 2020 in Jakarta
3. Moderna August 2021 in the USA
4. Moderna September 2021 in the USA
(5. plan to get a booster in early July 2021 in the USA)

All other teachers and staff members have received x2 Sinovac vaccinations, and little by little all are getting the booster Moderna or Pfizer

All of the main activities of Ekalaya take place in a relatively large, open-air joglo, with a strong breeze and lots of greenery and oxygen! Staff members, teachers, performers, and participants are asked to wear MASKS at all times when more than five people are present in the joglo. When five or less people are present in the joglo, we do tend to feel that the open-air environment is safe, given that we’re all vaccinated, but anyone who would like to continue to wear a mask is encouraged to do so.

We have hand–washing and hand-sanitizer stations in two locations outdoors. Staff members use them regularly and direct visitors to use them as they enter. At large events (more than 15 people on site), we also use temperature–taking devices at the entrance. We always have covid-19 antigen self-tester kits available on site. Staff members have been educated about the importance of reporting symptoms immediately, and are updated regularly on new developments in what we all know about covid.

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