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Updated every Sunday night! (last update 22 May 2022)

Wed 25 May, Ki Purbo Asmoro performs a wayang at home, Purbo Asmoro Official link TBA.
Fri 27 May, Ki Purbo Asmoro performs a wayang live in Sragen, PA Official link TBA.

This week’s market days and events that are unconfirmed but possible:
Minggu Pon, 22 May
Senin Wage, 23 May [possibly events at the Kraton?]
Selasa Kliwon, 24 May [events at Kraton? possibly event at Ki Anom Soeroto’s home?]
Rabu Legi, 25 May
Kamis Paing, 26 May [is the klenengan at Bp Cokro’s on?]
Jumat Pon, 27 May
Sabtu Wage, 28 May
Minggu Kliwon, 29 May

What does a “possible” event mean? It means that traditionally this combination of days (for example Selasa Kliwon or Rabu Legi Eve) is or was used for a particular event. But times have changed and just in general there are last-minute changes, so I cannot confirm these “possible” events. I’m just pointing out that the confluence of days is right! If you were in Solo and interested—or knew it was to be live-streamed—you’d want to get in touch with someone closer to the venue’s planning team and ask. If I find out I will post a confirmation!

[Apologies that this site cannot be “everyone’s site”—this is a place where I share events I myself am planning on going to or listening in on, and that I hear about. There is a lot else going on, so keep your eyes and ears on social media!]

Friday, 13 May, Saturday–Kliwon Eve, the Puro Pakualaman in Yogyakarta had their routine radio broadcast. You can listen to this beautiful broadcast HERE.

For information on events at the PURO MANGKUNEGARAN, see their Instagram account:
Mangkunegaran Instagram
or Mangkunegaran Website

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