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Updated every Sunday—last update was on 23 September 2022 (a bit early).

—Wednesday Kliwon 21 September 2022 lunar month of SAPAR
Pujangga Laras, the eve of the wedding of Kukuh and Retno (Ki Purbo Asmoro’s son’s wedding)—LINK

—Thursday Legi 22 September 2022 lunar month of SAPAR
Wedding of Mas Kukuh Indrasmara and Mbak Retno Widyowati at Graha Saba in Solo (this ceremony was designed by Ki Purbo Asmoro and contains his original work: BEDHAYA MAYANGKARA)—link is still to come

—Friday Paing 23 September 2022 lunar month of SAPAR
Siaran Mangkunegara on the radio only, no internet link

—Saturday Pon 24 September 2022 lunar month of SAPAR

—Sunday Wage 25 September 2022 lunar month of SAPAR
Ki Purbo Asmoro performs in Caruabn, Madiun, LINK

—Monday Kliwon 26 September 2022 lunar month of SAPAR

—Tuesday Legi 27 September 2022 the 1st of the lunar month MULUD

—Wednesday Paing 28 September 2022 lunar month MULUD

—Thursday Pon 29 September lunar month MULUD

—Friday Wage 30 September 2022 lunar month MULUD
Pakualaman Uyon-Uyon Muryararas, Link TBA
Ki Purbo Asmoro performs in Gresik, link TBA

GAMELAN SEKATEN SEASON starts on the 5th of Mulud!
for a wonderful video on Sekaten, see Matt Dunning’s “The Stirring of a Thousand Bells”

—Saturday Kliwon 1 October 2022 lunar month MULUD
Gamelan Sekaten Day 1 of 8 days
Ki Purbo Asmoro performs in Boyolali, link TBA

—Sunday Legi 2 October 2022 lunar month MULUD
Gamelan Sekaten Day 2 of 8 days

Javanese Traditional Market 5–day week:
Kliwon, Legi, Paing, Pon, Wagé

Javanese Lunar Months:
1. SURA: the lunar new year, considered a solemn and slightly tricky/dangerous/auspicious month, many traditional artists conduct ascetic exercises (30 July – 28 August 2022)

2. SAPAR: a busy month for weddings (29 August – 26 Sept 2022)

3. MULUD: the month in which the SEKATEN gamelan and ceremonies take place (27 Sept – 26 Oct 2022), rainy season has usually started

4. BAKDA MULUD—just a typical month in terms of the performing arts world (27 Oct – 24 Nov 2022), rainy season

5. JUMADIL AWAL—just a typical month in terms of the performing arts world (25 Nov – 24 Dec 2022), rainy season

6. JUMADIL AKIR—just a typical month in terms of the performing arts world (25 Dec 2022 – 22 Jan 2023), rainy season, things get a little busier as it is during school holidays and Westen calendar New Year

7. REJEB: a somewhat busy month as Ruwah and Pasa which come next are more ascetic in nature (23 Jan – 20 Feb 2023), rainy season

8. RUWAH: a month in which many Javanese honor their ancestors at gravesites, numerous special wayang performances take place—especially in the villages and particularly in Klaten (21 Feb – 22 March 2023), rainy season

9. PASA: the fasting month, very few official ceremonies like weddings etc, and most routine rehearsals will take a break, but the musicians and dhalang like to keep busy so there can be a surprising amount going on that is last minute, especially in the second half of the month (24 March –20 April 2023), rainy season coming to a close

10. SAWAL: a very busy month for post-fasting celebrations across towns and villages (21 April – 20 May 2023), dry season

11. SELA: “sela” means break or rest and this month is a break between two very busy months (21 May – 18 June 2023), dry season

12. BESAR: the busiest month for weddings (19 June – 18 July 2023), probably even more busy in 2023 as it falls during the dry season and school holidays

All the links here will be available for the foreseeable future well after the performance date and time. You rarely have to watch something live/in the moment anymore these days, although the live experience allows for chatting and a more communal experience, of course. I still get a lot of people writing to me with things like: “Oh, so sorry I missed that…” but in fact you can almost always go back to the link at any time, or come in late and “rewind” back to the beginning. Most live streamers keep their links up for good.

But in case you’d like to watch live and in the moment, here is a guide to times:

The YOGYA KRATON monthly broadcast every TUESDAY WAGE EVE:
Karaton Ngayogyakarta’s monthly UYON-UYON and DANCE broadcast

The PAKU ALAMAN monthly broadcast every SATURDAY KLIWON EVE:
Uyon–uyon Pakualaman Klenengan

For information on events at the PURO MANGKUNEGARAN, see their Instagram account:
Mangkunegaran Instagram
or Mangkunegaran Website

[Apologies that this site cannot be “everyone’s site”—this is a place where I share events I myself am planning on going to or listening in on, and that I hear about. There is a lot else going on, so keep your eyes and ears on social media!]

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