Pujangga Laras

We hope that Pujangga Laras events will start up again soon, if only using a small group at a time. Due to the covid-19 situation, Pujangga Laras has not met since February 2020, but we as a committee have done our best to financially support the musicians anyway during this difficult time.

Pujangga Laras has been running since July 2004 and is now in its 15th fiscal year. This event that gathers musicians in Solo from every affiliation, is sponsored by a large group of overseas karawitan students and professionals living in the USA, Canada, Japan, Australia, Singapore, France, and the UK. To subscribe to Pujangga Laras, refer to the information on their website. Sponsors receive a monthly report on the klenèngan, and have access to the live-streaming links as well as recordings.

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