Weekly Karawitan Rehearsal

Please bring your own notation! Sometimes we will provide notation, but sometimes not.

Please be prepared to play suites in which not everything is set or necessarily announced. I guess rather than a “teaching” rehearsal, this is more of a “learning” rehearsal, in which you construct your own meaning through exposure and experience and are not—apologies—”hand–fed.” This is not a beginner’s rehearsal,but, beginners are entirely welcome, as long as you’re in charge of your own learning.

Ask questions during breaks! Look to the left
and right? Infer and make notes for next time!
Perhaps this is a more “Javanese” way of
learning and can be frustrating, but, again,
this is a rehearsal that already exists and runs
—while ANYONE is TOTALLY welcome, we do
not adjust the rehearsal really. So, you decide
if it’s right for you!

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