Ki Purbo Asmoro, Mayangkara and Ekalaya’s Oct 2022 Tour to Bali!
—celebrating 17 years working together
—celebrating the launching of:

“Innovation, Style and Spectacle in Wayang: Purbo Asmoro’s Evolution of an Indonesian Performing Art”

We are so grateful to: Putera Sampoerna Foundation, UNIMA-Indonesia and Bp Samodra Sriwidjaja, The Martin F. Hatch Fund, Bp H Tumiyono, Bp H Kondang Sutrisno (alm), and others who wish to be anonymous for your sponsorship so that we could perform and celebrate together through our work!

1st Annual
Wayang Seminar
May 2018

In the 1st Annual Wayang Seminar, participants focused on the signaling systems between dhalang and musicians. Three renowned dhalang—Ki Manteb Soedharsono, Ki Purbo Asmoro, and Ki Cahyo Kuntadi, tested our abilities to follow signaling systems, with performance fragments on the final night of the seminar.

2nd Annual Wayang Seminar July 2019

In the 2nd Annual Wayang Seminar, participants learned about the traditional cleansing ceremony known as a ruwatan. They learned the basic storyline and characters for Ruwatan Murwakala, and about changes in ruwatan over the past decades. The seminar culminated in an afternoon discussion session with over a dozen elderly dhalang and an evening ruwatan performance by Ki Joko Laksitono of Makam Haji.

Launching Performance
September 2017

A performance of DEWI SRI (goddess of rice and fertile cropland) was given by Ki Purbo Asmoro in deference to the rice field adjacent to our center—our symbolic kula nuwun into the neighborhood. This was preceded by a painting installation performance by Ki Gamblang.

Griya Seni Ekalaya (Éko-loyo)


About Ekalaya:

Prince Ékalaya is from a foreign land and comes to Astina to study archery with the renowned teacher, Durna, but is rejected since he is not one of the Pandhawa or Kurawa lineage. Devastated, he goes off to the forest, creates a clay semblance of Durna, and practices before it. Whenever he has difficulties, he imagines what Durna would say to coach him. After many months, Ékalaya becomes an expert, comes back to Astina, and is embraced by Durna. However….Arjuna, Durna’s top student, is very jealous, and here the troubles begin. But our arts center takes as inspiration the drive, dedication, initiative, and discipline of Ékalaya as a student in a foreign land.
Ekalawya or ekalavya in Sanskrit means to be single-minded in pursuing your aspirations

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Griya Seni Ekalaya
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