Wayang Tour to Europe!

Ki Purbo Asmoro

and a team of gamelan musicians from Solo collaborating with gamelan musicians from Budapest, Graz, Hamburg, and …… others to be announced!

photo by Djajusman

In April 2023, Ki Purbo Asmoro will travel to Europe for a series of wayang performances. This page will be updated as information on the tour becomes final!

The tickets to the evening performance at Budapest’s House of Music SOLD OUT five days after going on sale! But not to worry, as they have added an afternoon performance….

PERFORMERS from SOLO, Central Java:
1. Purbo Asmoro, dhalang and artistic director
2. Wakidi Dwidjomartono, gendèr/rehearsal director
3. Nanik Dwi Widyaningrum, pesindhèn
4. Joko Dwi Suranto, kendhang
5. Sukamto, demung
6. Wegig Harya Widagdo, gong and kempul
7. Wejoseno Yuli Nugroho, gérong
8. Kathryn “Kitsie” Emerson, performance translator
9. Kukuh Indrasmara, tech, recording, live streaming

Agus Prasetyo, gambang and rehearsal director
Dóra Györfi, pesindhèn
Ágnes Györfi, bonang penerus
Márton Szalai, kenong
Ágoston Déry, bonang (Budapest)
Steve Tanoto, bonang (Graz)
Péter Szilágyi, saron
Zsuzsanna Wimmer, rebab (Budapest)
Xin Wei Thow, rebab (Graz)
Kristóof Soóki-Tóth, saron
András Térfy, saron
Daniel Biljarszki, gérong and kethuk
Kata Cserne, peking
Orsolya Lipták, slenthem

and more collaborating musicians to be announced as soon as they are confirmed.

10-15 April 2023, location and venue still being confirmed


16-19 April 2023
rehearsal sessions with Surya Kencana A, Budapest, Hungary

20-23 April 2023
Pécs, Hungary
Karakulit International Shadow Puppet Festival, workshops and performance (tickets not yet on sale)

23-27 April 2023
Graz, Austria
venue: Minoritensaal
lakon TBA
(tickets not yet on sale)

4. back to HUNGARY

Sat, 29 April 2023, 16:30
Budapest, Hungary

“Arjuna’s Deep Meditation” at The House of Music
(tickets not yet on sale)

Sat, 29 April 2023, 19:30
Budapest, Hungary
“Arjuna’s Deep Meditation” at The House of Music—SOLD OUT!
House of Music TICKETS

Mon, 1 May 2023
Prague, Czech Republic

lakon TBA at the Prague Conservatory of Music
(tickets not yet on sale)


—Zsuzsa Lehöcz and Pécs Karakulit Festival Team
—The House of Music team, Budapest
—Bp Irfan, KBRI Budapest and TEAM
—Ibu Dubes, Ibu Kenssy Ekaningsih, Prague, Czech Republic and TEAM
—Professor Sarah Weiss, Institut für Ethnomusikologie der KUG, Graz

—Bp. Agus Prasetyo
—Sekar Kencana and Dóra Györfi

—and many more to come as we continue to plan the tour!

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